Alcohol Test Results in Buckeye Municipal Court DUI Cases

The fact of the matter is that when the police measure your blood, breath, or urine for alcohol, they make mistakes and fail to follow proper scientific methods. This can lead to wrongful convictions for DUI and leads to devastating consequences for those that are victimized by this so-called science. Given the high stakes for those facing DUI charges in the Buckeye Municipal Court, you should contact a criminal defense attorney with the know-how and experience to handle your matter successfully. Craig Rosenstein, founder of the Rosenstein Law Group, is trained and certified in the chemical test methods that are used to gather evidence in your Buckeye Municipal Court case.

Protect Yourself, Your Rights, and Your Freedom

A conviction for a DUI from the Buckeye Municipal Court can lead to severe punishment that includes jail, fines, and suspension of your driving privileges. Fortunately, the results of the chemical tests used to determine your blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, can be attacked:

  • The breathalyzer used to obtain a breath test may not have been working properly or was not properly maintained before you gave a breath test
  • Physical conditions, failure to follow policy, and time may lead to skewed blood results

Free Consultation for Buckeye Municipal Court DUI Chemical Testing Lawyer

Contact the Rosenstein Law Group by calling 480-248-7666 or online today for a free consultation to find out how the chemical test that was used against you can be attacked. The sooner legal representation is obtained, the better your chances of getting the result that you want.


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