Medical Marijuana DUI Lawyers in Avondale

Even if you have an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card, you can still be charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) under Arizona’s strict laws. Under Arizona’s Driving Under the Influence DUI law, you may be charged in one of two ways for driving under the influence of your medical marijuana:

  • By driving while having any marijuana or its metabolites in your system. It is a defense to this DUI charge that you had a valid Arizona Medical Marijuana Card at the time of your driving, or that the metabolite found in your blood was carboxy-THC, an inactive metabolite. You can also be charged for
  • Driving while having medical marijuana or its metabolites in your system and being impaired to the slightest degree. This means that an arresting officer has made a decision that you were impaired at all, even if negligibly, and decided to arrest you.

Avondale DUI Defense Lawyer for Medical Marijuana DUI

The Rosenstein Law Group is knowledgeable and experienced in handling medical marijuana DUI cases. They have experience and training with the chemical testing methods that the police use to obtain evidence. They have access to experts that can assist in talking about the real effects that marijuana can have on your system. They can also prove to the prosecutor that you did, in fact, have a valid medical marijuana card at the time of driving.

The Rosenstein Law Group uses a proactive and comprehensive approach to Medical Marijuana DUI cases that will help you obtain the best possible result in your medical marijuana DUI case out of the Avondale City Court.

Free Consultation for Medical Marijuana DUI Case in Avondale City Court

Contacting a lawyer to assist you with your medical marijuana DUI case out of the Avondale City Court is the first step you should take. Call the Rosenstein Law Group at 480-248-7666 or online to schedule a free consultation today.