Challenging the Accuracy of Alcohol Test Results in Avondale City Court DUI Cases

We would like to think that when the police measure your blood, breath, or urine for alcohol they are testing it accurately, but the number of people wrongfully convicted of a DUI and facing the devastation that a DUI conviction can bring are high. With so much on the line, and the stakes so high, you should contact a skilled criminal defense attorney to represent you in your Avondale City Court DUI case. The Rosenstein Law Group‘s founding attorney, Craig Rosenstein, has training and certification related to the chemical tests that were used to gather evidence in your Avondale City Court DUI case.

Protecting Your Rights and Freedoms

A DUI conviction can bring with it serious consequences, including jail, fines, probation, and suspension of your driver’s license. Often, the tests used to obtain a blood alcohol content can be attacked in some of the following ways:

  • With breath tests, finding out if the breathalyzer worked properly or was properly tested and calibrated
  • With blood tests, finding out how much time had elapsed between the time of the arrest and the blood test, if there are any physical conditions that could have skewed the result, and challenging the integrity of the blood testing process

Free Consultation for Avondale DUI Chemical Testing Lawyer

The Rosenstein Law Group provides free consultations so you can speak to an attorney and find out how the test results in your Avondale City Court DUI case can be attacked. Call today at 480-248-7666 or contact us online.


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