West Mesa Justice Court Extreme DUI Charge

A BAC of .15 to .199 equals extreme DUI, according to Arizona drunk driving laws. Or roughly twice the legal limit of .08 BAC. A second offense of extreme DUI will mean a minimum of 120 days in jail (and 180 days in jail can be imposed), revocation of a driver’s license for one year (without the option of a work permit), and in some cases, forfeiture of the vehicle, as well.

If you were pulled over while driving anywhere on the 101 and the Salt River Indian Reservation and the police say that your blood alcohol content was .15 or greater, you now face a legal crisis. If you are convicted of DUI with a BAC at this level, enhanced criminal and civil sanctions will apply. Drunk driving where BAC is between .15 and .199 (double the amount for “ordinary” DUI) is considered to be “Extreme DUI.”

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