Defense Against West Mesa Justice Courts DUI Charges

The attorneys at Rosenstein Law Group are prepared to apply aggressive defense strategies to your case and help you pursue the best possible outcome for your DUI case such as:

  • Reduction of charges
  • Case dismissal
  • Acquittal at trial

Our aggressive defense strategies entail detailed and thorough investigation, evaluation and analysis as our attorneys seek that one fact or detail that may prove to be the key to the best attainable outcome in your case.

Our West Mesa Justice Courts DUI Defense Attorneys Can Help

If you were arrested for suspicion of drunk driving while on the 101 freeway and Salt River Indian Reservation, you need an attorney to look at the legal aspects of your case, such as whether it is a first-time DUI charge or rises to the level of aggravated DUI or a felony DUI —and plan a strategy for you accordingly. here are many possible negative consequences if you are convicted of a DUI driving on the 101 freeway and Slat River Indian Reservation. One of the worst can be jail time and the loss of your right to drive.

Rosenstein Law Group has years of experience representing drivers in the state of Arizona. We advocate on behalf of alleged drunk drivers in all areas of the West Mesa Justice courts.

Expect Individualized Legal Services at Our DUI Defense Law Firm

Legal services that we provide to our West Mesa Justice Courts DUI defense clients typically include the following:

  • Review of every known fact and detail.
  • Customized design of a defense strategy that we consider most likely to bring about the best result.
  • Examination of all aspects of the Breathalyzer or blood tests that the police took from you, and a comprehensive review of the forensic evidence being asserted against you.
  • Consultation with blood sampling experts, toxicology specialists and police officers to establish the possibility of defective testing procedures.

Note: Attorney Craig Rosenstein himself is certified in forensic blood and urine testing, Intoxilyzer 8000 and field sobriety testing (FST), making him a well-qualified evaluator of the validity of your chemical testing results.

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Our lawyers are here to give you the detail-oriented, individualized representation that is likely to bring about the most favorable attainable outcome in your drunk driving defense case. We will aggressively assert your rights and strategically protect your interests.

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