What To Do If You Get A Drug Related DUI In Flagstaff, AZ?

In Arizona, DUI laws state specifically that you can be convicted of a DUI if you are “impaired to the slightest degree”. Flagstaff has no exception to this rule, and even though you may not have had any alcohol in your system, the statutes are in effect if the police allege that drugs (including those prescribed by a doctor) have impaired your ability to safely and responsibly control a motor vehicle.

It may seem obvious that the use or presence of controlled substances or “typical” illegal drugs, like marijuana, ecstasy or cocaine, may be ground for a DUI charge. But did you know legally prescribed drugs fall under the same rules as well? Alcohol has a legal limit of .08 BAC, but no such limit exists for drugs, and any trace amounts could be enough for conviction. Some drugs are capable of staying in your bloodstream for weeks, so you may face conviction even if you haven’t consumed anything that day.

Attorney Craig Rosenstein provides aggressive strategies for a DUI drug defense. When his cases go to trial, he not only ensures your rights are observed and protected in a court of law, but he also ruthlessly challenges any shaky evidence that may have been presented by the prosecution. Drug-related DUI charges are often based on unfounded conclusions from field sobriety tests, and any other observations the arresting officer may have made. However, that officer does not know you as a person, there is no possible way he can asses what effect that drugs, prescription or otherwise, may have on your body. There are many other possible reasons for a less-than-perfect field sobriety test other than drugs. Our team of expert, independent criminologists review everything from the chain of custody of the sample, to the results itself, checking vigorously for things like false positive results.

For proven defense when drugs and DUI are a concern,  contact the Rosenstein Law Group. We offer a free case evaluation, where we discuss the facts and your best options for avoiding an adverse scenario.