Fighting To Protect The Rights Of Flagstaff DUI Clients

Though Arizona law classifies certain DUI offenses as misdemeanor crimes, do not allow yourself to believe that the matter is unimportant or that you don’t need to fight the charges. Make no mistake, any DUI offense is an extremely serious matter that could have an extremely severe impact on your future, and the assistance of an experienced defense lawyer can be invaluable.

Even if you know you are guilty of impaired driving, there can be many potential defense strategies that can be used to either get the charges reduced or possibly even get the case dismissed. If you don’t seek the advice of an attorney, you will likely suffer the most severe penalties when you may have been able to avoid a conviction completely.

Providing The Strong Defense Representation You Need

Rosenstein Law Group can provide you with the smart and aggressive defense you need for your DUI case. With our Scottsdale DUI defense attorneys’ experience, resources and tenacity, we can help you put your DUI case behind you. Don’t let a DUI charge change your life forever. When you entrust your case to our DUI lawyers at Rosenstein Law Group, you can be sure that your case — and your future — will be in the best of hands.

We provide skillful representation in all types of DUI cases and related matters, including:

  • First-time DUI
  • Felony DUI
  • Extreme and super extreme DUI
  • Under 21 DUI
  • MVD hearings

If you have been charged with a DUI in Arizona, we urge you to contact us immediately. You only have 30 days to request the MVD hearing before your driver’s license is automatically suspended for a minimum of 90 days. Don’t let that happen to you without first putting up a fight.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

We understand you probably have a lot of questions and concerns regarding your DUI case. Knowing this, we offer free consultations in person and over the phone. Our Flagstaff DUI attorneys can review your case, answer your questions and discuss your legal options. Whether you have multiple charges or you are dealing with a first-time DUI, contact us online or call 480-248-7666 for the tough representation you need.