Driver’s License Suspension – Prescott


If you are facing a driver’s license suspension because of a DUI arrest in or around Prescott, you need to contact our DUI attorneys immediately. Time is of the essence, and the sooner you call, the stronger your defense could be. Work with our experienced team at Rosenstein Law Group, and we will fight on your behalf.

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You Could Face Significant Penalties

Penalties depend on the severity of the charge and whether or not this is your first DUI arrest. In some instances, you could lose your driver’s license for multiple years and have zero driving privileges. This could seriously hurt your ability to find employment, engage with friends and family, and live the life you want.

Rosenstein Law Group Can Help

Having effective legal representation is crucial during this difficult time. With our team of experienced attorneys on your side, you may be able to present evidence challenging your arrest, the results of a sobriety test, the conduct of the arresting officer, and more. With the right argument in the right setting, you increase your chances of holding onto your driver’s license or obtaining a work license that allows you to travel to and from your job.

Some reasons to work with Rosenstein Law Group include:

  • We have 40 years of collective experience.
  • Our DUI defense experience applies to both drug and alcohol offenses.
  • Each defense is tailored to the needs of our clients.
  • We have a long track record of success.
  • Having the right advocate from the start is essential.
  • Our lead attorney, Craig J. Rosenstein, was selected for inclusion in the 2012-2014 lists of Rising Stars by Super Lawyers magazine.

Contact Us Today, and We Will Go to Work Immediately

We offer free case evaluations over the phone and in person. Your first step should be to let our team of professionals examine your case.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, we represent clients throughout Arizona.


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