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Did You Get A Drug-Related DUI in Prescott, AZ? We Can Assist You

DUI laws in Arizona are harsh, severe, and specifically state that you can be convicted of a DUI if you are “impaired to the slightest degree”. These laws extend statewide, and effect you in Prescott as well. You don’t have to be drunk to receive a DUI; the statutes are in effect if the police allege that drugs (including those prescribed by a doctor) have impaired your ability to safely and responsibly control a motor vehicle.

Having marijuana, ecstasy, or cocaine (basically, any controlled substance) in your system at the time of your arrest is grounds for DUI charges. Even prescribed medication can be grounds to charge you with a DUI/DWI. Drugs and alcohol are treated differently, in that drugs have no “legal limit”. Marijuana and other drugs are capable of staying in your bloodstream for weeks, so you may face conviction even if you haven’t consumed anything that day.

Attorney Craig Rosenstein provides aggressive strategies for a DUI drug defense. If your case goes to trial, there is no better choice to challenge the shaky evidence of the prosecution with an aggressive and committed attorney. Drug-related DUI charges are often based on unfounded conclusions from field sobriety tests, and any other observations the arresting officer may have made. It’s important to note that it’s impossible for the arresting officer to be fully aware of how the drugs can specifically effect your or your ability to operate a motor vehicle . There are many other possible reasons for a less-than-perfect field sobriety test other than drugs. We utilize a team of expert private criminologists to review the chain of custody of evidence, and even analyze the results of the blood work (maybe there was a false positive result?).

For proven defense when drugs and DUI are a concern, contact the Rosenstein Law Group. We offer a free case evaluation, where we discuss the facts and your best options for avoiding an adverse scenario.

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