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Extreme DUI Penalties – Flagstaff Municipal Court

When it comes to Driving Under the Influence, numbers matter. In DUIs, the measured blood alcohol, or BAC, controls the penalties that you face. If you are charged with a DUI and the BAC is 0.15 or greater but less than 0.20, then you face the enhanced penalties of an Extreme DUI. Although a “Regular” DUI carries substantial punishment, those of an Extreme DUI are even harsher.

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Penalties for Extreme DUI in Flagstaff Municipal Court

If you are convicted of an Extreme DUI in the Flagstaff Municipal Court then you can be sentenced to 30-180 days in jail, be placed on probation for up to 5 years, face fines and other financial sanctions, and lose your driving privileges.

If you have a prior conviction for a DUI in the last 7 years and are convicted of an Extreme DUI in the Flagstaff Municipal Court then you face an even greater punishment, with a minimum jail sentence of 120-180 days in jail and increased fines and fees.

The Rosenstein Law Group‘s team of attorneys has knowledge and experience in dealing with Extreme DUI cases in the Flagstaff Municipal Court and may use a wide variety of defenses to help you. To find out what defenses can apply in your case, it is important to have a conversation with the attorneys to discuss your case. To that end, we offer free consultations. Call today at 480-248-7666 or contact us online to schedule your consultation today and find out how we can help you get the best possible result in your case.

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