DUI with an Injury – Flagstaff Municipal Court

If you are charged with Driving Under the Influenced and were involved in an accident where someone was seriously hurt or died then you face substantially more serious legal charges.

Arizona law treats vehicles as deadly weapons or dangerous instruments, and so if you drive while impaired from alcohol or drugs and seriously injure or kill someone you may face vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter, or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges. The penalties include a felony conviction and lengthy prison sentences.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Flagstaff and were involved in an accident at the time of driving it is important to obtain legal representation that has experience and knowledge in handling DUI cases that involve accidents. Call the Rosenstein Law Group today at 480-248-7666 or contact us online to find out what defenses may exist in your case and what your options are to minimize the consequences going forward.