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Category: Car Accident

Is a Bar Liable for Their Patron’s DUI Car Crash?

February 22, 2023 | Car Accident,DUI

Most people know that if a drunk driver causes a car accident, he or she can be held legally and financially responsible, or liable. What many people do not realize is that under Arizona law, the bar or establishment that served the drunk driver alcohol leading up to the crash could also be held liable…. read more

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Can You Sue a Bar if You Get a DUI?

March 30, 2022 | Car Accident,DUI,DUI defense

It is not uncommon for drivers who are accused of driving under the influence (DUI) to wonder about the responsibility of the people who served them alcohol or encouraged them to drink past their limit on the day of an arrest. This may include a bar in Arizona, such as if a bartender continued to… read more

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Data Analysis: Arizona Crashes & Driving Under the Influence

March 16, 2022 | Car Accident,Drunk Driving,DUI

Some motor vehicle crashes and collisions are unfortunately not preventable, even when drivers exercise due caution and drive defensively. Undetectable road or weather conditions, the actions of other drivers, and mechanical failures can cause sudden and unexpected problems. However, many crashes can be avoided, particularly those where one or more motorist is driving under the… read more

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