Preserving Your Right To Drive In Phoenix Drunk Driving Cases

One of the potential consequences of a drunk driving conviction in Arizona is the loss of your right to drive. Not being able to drive can seriously impact your ability to do your job, get to school and fulfill your familial obligations. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you will have to attend an MVD hearing to determine the status of your driving privileges.

License Suspension Hearings in Phoenix

A DUI case involves two different spheres of involvement by government agencies:

  • The MVD is concerned with your driver’s license, and may suspend your driving privileges.
  • Criminal courts are concerned with the fact that you may have committed a crime by driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Both areas deserve a timely response after a drunk driving arrest in Phoenix or elsewhere in Arizona. You are most likely worried about how to protect your driving privileges, especially in this sprawling metro area where public transportation may not get you where you need to go at all times.

Our Phoenix DUI Defense Attorney Can Challenge Your Suspension

The MVD hearing is a separate proceeding from the criminal charges associated with your drunk driving offense. This hearing is only to determine whether you will have the right to drive, regardless of the outcome of your criminal proceeding. Craig Rosenstein brings depth of experience to advocacy on behalf of our clients at our Phoenix-based law firm. He is prepared to apply aggressive defense strategies aimed at obtaining the best available outcome in your Phoenix MVD hearing.

You must act within 30 days to request a license suspension hearing in a bid to retain your driving privileges. Our Phoenix DUI defense lawyers represents clients at these hearings — but we must be contacted in time to contact the MVD before the window of opportunity closes. If you do not act within the allotted time, your license will automatically be suspended for 90 days. We have been successful helping many clients obtain work permits that allow them to drive to and from work.

Contact a Phoenix License Suspension Hearings Lawyer

The Rosenstein Law Group has 100 years of experience representing drivers in the Phoenix area. We advocate on behalf of alleged drunk drivers in all area courts and before the MVD. Our first order of business, if you hire us, will be to request a hearing to prevent a driver’s license suspension, but time is of the essence. Call us at (480) 452-1028 or contact us online to discuss your case with an experienced Phoenix DUI attorney.


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