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A Super Extreme DUI is the highest level of misdemeanor DUI offenses in Arizona. Given the inherent danger of driving with a high BAC, it is no surprise that a Super Extreme DUI conviction comes with harsh penalties. A Super Extreme DUI charge means that your BAC was alleged to be at or above .20. Some people ask if a high BAC can lead to felony charges. The simple answer is no; a person’s BAC has no bearing on whether they will be charged with a misdemeanor of felony. This does not mean that the penalties for a Payson Super Extreme DUI are any less intimidating.

Super Extreme DUI Penalties

A Super Extreme DUI conviction may have severe penalties, including:

  • 45 to 180 days in jail
  • Substantial fines and fees
  • 8 points on your driving record
  • 90-day driver’s license suspension
  • Traffic Survival School
  • Community Service/Restitution
  • Up to 5 years of probation
  • Alcohol treatment classes
  • 18-month ignition interlock device requirement

Payson Super Extreme DUI Defense Lawyer

What if I Already Have a Prior DUI Conviction?

Given how strict Arizona is when it comes to DUI enforcement, it is not uncommon for people to be arrested for DUI more than once in their life. We know better than to judge someone based on their past, but the Arizona criminal court system does just that. If a person is convicted of a Super Extreme DUI and has previously been convicted of a DUI committed within the prior seven years, also referred to as a “second offense Super Extreme DUI,” then the punishments increase significantly.

While a typical, non-DUI class 1 misdemeanor carries no minimum jail term, a second offense Super Extreme DUI carries a minimum sentence of 180 days in jail. This is the longest jail term that a person can receive for a misdemeanor offense in Arizona. Additionally, a second offense Super Extreme DUI conviction will result in a one-year driver’s license revocation, 24-month ignition interlock device requirement, increased fines and fees, and 30 hours of community service (also called “community restitution”).

Even if your prior DUI conviction is from a state other than Arizona, the prosecutor will attempt to use that out-of-state conviction to increase your mandatory minimum punishment to 180 days in jail. Depending on the state in which your prior conviction was in, we may be able to challenge the prosecutor’s ability to use that prior DUI conviction against you. A successful challenge would reduce the minimum jail term from 180 days to 45 days.

Alternatives to Jail Time for a Super Extreme DUI

If you are convicted of a Super Extreme DUI, you will face a mandatory jail sentence. However, in some cases where a dismissal or reduced charges are not attainable, we may be able to negotiate alternatives to jail time. Under certain circumstances you may be eligible for home detention or work release.

What to Do When Facing Super Extreme DUI Charges in Payson

If you are facing Super Extreme DUI charges in Payson, you likely have a lot of questions that are specific to your case. Most people are not sure what to do as they start picking up the pieces after their arrest. First things first, you may be facing a 90-day admin per se or 1-year implied consent license suspension, which will begin 15 days after your arrest unless you request a hearing on the suspension with ADOT. With this deadline looming, you should contact an experienced Payson super extreme DUI attorney as soon as possible after your arrest so that you can discuss your options.

Rosenstein Law Group Will Assist You With Your Case

At the Rosenstein Law Group, we can handle all aspects of you DUI arrest and case. We deal with the MVD and ADOT so that you don’t have to. We also offer unparalleled representation for the criminal side of a DUI case. Just because the police and prosecutor have alleged that your BAC is at or above .20 does not mean that you do not have any options. An experienced Payson super extreme DUI attorney will investigate every aspect of your case.

We look at the reason that the police stopped you, your initial interaction with the police, field sobriety tests and BAC testing from the time of sample collection to lab analysis. Our attorneys are trained in every aspect of DUI investigations and defense. We analyze forensic toxicology results to look for errors and human variables in the testing methods used by police and their crime labs so that we can challenge artificially inflated BAC results.

Defending your case based on the science is only one part of our comprehensive defense approach. We also conduct our investigation to uncover legal issues such as a violation of your right to counsel or improper coercive tactics used to get you to consent to blood or breath testing. These legal issues may lead to suppression of evidence or dismissal of charges altogether.

Call for a Free Payson Super Extreme DUI Case Evaluation

A conviction for Super Extreme or Extreme DUI in Payson, Arizona, can have lasting consequences beyond jail time, probation, or fines and fees. A Super Extreme DUI is a permanent criminal conviction on your record, which may cause issues with future employment, housing, insurance and professional licenses. With so much at stake, it is important that you have the right attorneys on your side.

Contact the Payson DUI Law Specialists at Rosenstein Law Group at 480-248-7666, day or night, or online to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation.


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