Got Your First DUI? In Paradise Valley? We’re Here For you

First Arrest for Drunk Driving?

The hourglass is tipped as soon as you get arrested for a DUI. If you wish to keep your license, you need to act quickly, aggressively, and effectively. The sooner you seek counsel from an experienced DUI attorney, the better your chances are of avoiding the worst of the consequences in Paradise Valley.

Arizona is home to some of the most aggressive and serious DUI laws in the country. Making the correct and informed decision, and being fully aware of your rights, could be the difference between a normal life or the loss of employment prospects, security clearance issues, and insurance hikes.

First Offense DUI

In a worst-case scenario, a conviction of a first-time DUI offender could result in probation, license suspension, ignition interlock in your vehicle, alcohol treatment, sky-high fines, and jail or prison time. Although it’s generally a misdemeanor crime, a DUI conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. Any future DUI arrest would carry mandatory jail time and other severe penalties because of it. The Rosenstein Law Group uses proven, effective, and aggressive strategies to defend you and help you win your case or lessen the penalties.


For the most favorable outcome, it’s imperative that your DUI defense begins within days of the arrest:

  • Within 30 days of your arrest, you MUST request a license suspension hearing from the MVD. You will have your license suspended for a minimum of 90 days if you do not meet this critical deadline. The MVD hearing is separate from any criminal proceedings, however, we will represent you in front of the MVD as well.
  • Your court arraignment is usually set two to three weeks after your arrest. Since an effective defense needs as much time as can be allowed to ensure it’s success, it’s imperative that you seek counsel immediately following an arrest. Every minute you wait is a minute that could have been spent building your defense. You will forfeit any opportunities to challenge the traffic stop, the results of any testing, or any other potential holes in the State’s case. You will also have less time to successfully negotiate the reducing or dismissal of charges. It’s important to note that getting an alcohol assessment or even treatment prior to your court appearance could make a difference to the judge or prosecutor. All of these things require as much time as possible, so acting quickly is your best defense.

Although many jurisdictions within Arizona do not allow plea bargaining for DUI offenses, we will put immense effort into finding grounds for dismissal of the charges. However, if the charges stick, we can still help you determine if pleading guilty to your first offense is the right move, or if you may be better off by taking the case to trial and forcing the State to prove its case against you. Do not make this decision without the advice of an attorney! Contact our Scottsdale office, day or night, seven days a week, for a free case evaluation.


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