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Penalties for Committing a Hit-and-Run DUI in Arizona

Posted on December 22, 2022 in Arizona Revised Statutes,DUI,Vehicular Crimes

Arizona is known for being one of the harshest states in terms of its criminal penalties. A hit-and-run DUI crime is no exception; the consequences for committing this crime are severe. If you get arrested for an alleged hit-and-run DUI in Arizona, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Hiring an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Scottsdale is the best way to protect your rights, freedom and future when facing this charge.

What Is a Hit-and-Run DUI?

A hit-and-run DUI is a combination of two separate offenses. A hit-and-run crime is when a driver in Arizona fails to fulfill his or her legal responsibilities after being involved in a car accident. According to Arizona Revised Statute Section 28-663, all drivers who are involved in accidents that result in injury, death or property damage must stop at the scene of the accident, exchange information with the other driver and render reasonable assistance to injured parties. Fleeing the scene of a car accident without stopping or failing to render aid is a hit-and-run. 

DUI, or driving under the influence, means that an individual was driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle while impaired by an intoxicating substance, such as drugs or alcohol (Arizona Revised Statute Section 28-1381). Typically, a driver could be charged with a DUI if he or she has a blood alcohol content (BAC) level at or above 0.08 percent. However, a DUI could be charged even with a lesser BAC if the driver is impaired even to the slightest degree.

A hit-and-run DUI is a criminal charge that accuses an individual of driving while drunk or intoxicated, causing a car accident, and fleeing the scene. It is also known as a “hit-and-run under the influence,” and it is a very serious crime in Arizona. It can come with a compounded sentence, meaning the individual could face penalties for both charges if convicted.

Penalties for Hit-and-Run Under the Influence in Arizona

When a person is charged with a hit-and-run DUI in Arizona, a judge will take both charges into account. In a worst-case scenario, if the individual is convicted of both, he or she will face a compounded sentence. For example, a DUI that involves the aggravating circumstance of causing a car accident is a class 4 felony that could come with penalties such as 1.75 years in prison and up to $150,000 in fines. A Scottsdale aggravated DUI defense lawyer can assess your case and help guide you through the legal process of such a case. A simple hit-and-run crime is a class 2 misdemeanor with up to four months in jail and/or a maximum fine of $750. Being convicted of both charges can result in a sentence that combines both penalties. 

Potential penalties for a hit-and-run DUI in Arizona include:

  • Fines and administrative penalties
  • Days or years in jail or prison
  • Probation or house arrest
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Mandatory ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle
  • Mandatory drug or alcohol counseling
  • Restitution for the victim

In addition, being convicted of a felony in Arizona will take away some of your rights, including the right to bear arms and vote. The specific penalties that you could face depend on the circumstances. The penalties can quickly become severe if the car accident caused bodily injuries or deaths, as this is an aggravating factor for both a hit-and-run and a DUI crime in Arizona. Injuries, deaths or property damage caused by the accident will increase a defendant’s sentence, as it makes the nature of the crime(s) more severe.

Get Help With a Hit-and-Run DUI Charge

If you are facing charges for a hit-and-run DUI in Arizona, it is important to protect yourself by hiring a skilled defense lawyer. A criminal defense attorney from Rosenstein Law Group can help you avoid the worst potential penalties associated with this crime. Call (480) 452-1028 or contact us online for a free case consultation.

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