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Prescription Drug Use Could Mean DUI Charges In Arizona

Posted on May 5, 2015 in DUI Charges

Recently, the Rosenstein Law Group published a white paper analyzed drugged driving laws in Arizona. The state has taken a very strong stance against drug DUI, and has made it extremely difficult for motorists to defend themselves against these accusations.

Many of our clients are surprised to learn about the methods prosecutors may use to bring DUI charges in these cases. Under Arizona law, motorists may be charged with drugged driving if:

  • They demonstrate signs of impaired driving due to the influence of the prescription drugs
  • They have the drugs in their system while they are behind the wheel, even if they demonstrate no signs of being under the influence
  • They use medical marijuana before driving

Those charged with these offenses need to understand the significant penalties they may face if convicted. It is essential that motorists are prepared to offer a strong defense in these cases, or they could lose their driving privileges.

To learn more about prescription drugged driving cases in Arizona, please read our white paper.

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