Understanding Arizona’s Drugged Driving Laws

Understanding Arizona’s Drugged Driving Laws

You might not know that simply following your doctor’s orders could lead to DUI charges in Arizona.

Prosecutors have been very aggressive when pursuing drugged driving charges against motorists who are believed to have used prescription drugs before getting behind the wheel. At The Rosenstein Law Group, we want you to be informed about the laws concerning drugged driving and how they could apply to your situation. We have prepared a white paper that discusses how DUI laws apply to situations where drugged driving is suspected.

This paper covers some of the important issues that arise in these cases, including:

  • The difference between impaired driving and driving if drugs are present in your system
  • The ways that prosecutors handle drugged driving charges
  • The affirmative defenses that may be available to you if you have a doctor’s prescription
  • The application of drugged driving laws to medical marijuana

To learn more about drugged driving charges in Arizona, please read our white paper, ” How High Is Too High To Drive In Arizona? Arizona’s Strict Drugged Driving Laws Often Lead To DUI Convictions.


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