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SlideShare Presentation On Prescription Drugged Driving Charges

Posted on April 14, 2015 in DUI Charges

Recently, the Rosenstein Law Group completed a white paper that discusses Arizona’s drugged driving laws. The state is very aggressive when charging these motorists with DUI, and it is important to note that taking the drugs according to a doctor’s prescription may not be a defense to the charges.

This paper provides an overview of the laws within the state, and explains the difficult circumstances that you may be facing if you are charged with drugged driving. We highlight several important issues, including:

  • The two different DUI charges that prosecutors may bring in these cases
  • The possible defenses that may be available to you to contest these charges
  • The application of drugged driving laws to medical marijuana users

We have prepared a SlideShare that will provide you with some basic information concerning DUIs involving prescription drugs, and you may access this presentation below.

To learn more about prescription drugged driving in Arizona, please read our white paper.

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