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Arizona State University’s party reputation in decline

Posted on February 18, 2014 in DUI Charges

Scottsdale parents of students attending Arizona State University might well be relieved that the institution appears to be slowly shedding its reputation as a party school.

ASU is conspicuous by its absence on a recently released report on schools with the highest number of drug and alcohol-related arrests. The report did not differentiate between DUI arrests and underage alcohol possession busts.

The report published by notes that Northern Arizona University comes in 15th nationally of schools with the most on-campus drug arrests in 2010-2011.

ASU did not make the top 50 on the list and neither did the University of Arizona.

NAU fared somewhat better in on-campus alcohol-related arrests in 2010-2011, this time placing 44th among the top 50 schools nationwide. It should again be noted that the statistics don’t break down how many of the arrests were for drunken driving and how many were for underage alcohol possession and similar infractions.

The school that did worst in the category: the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. Two University of Pennsylvania schools finished second and third, followed by another University of Wisconsin school and yet another Pennsylvania university.

The Oshkosh school was listed at the top overall of the schools with the most arrests per 1,000 students for drug violations and alcohol-related infractions. Two other Wisconsin schools finished in second and third place.

You might recall that last year, ASU placed ninth on Playboy magazine’s list of top party schools.

While some people might argue that most of the arrests at these schools were for “minor” infractions, few would argue that the damage a DUI arrest can do to a person’s career opportunities or academic pursuits is trivial.

For anyone facing the harsh repercussions of a DUI arrest and conviction, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help make clear the legal options available to reduce the impact on jobs or schooling.

Source:, “Drugs on campus,” Feb. 2014

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