Craig Rosenstein and his attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group hold the motto that, “one bad night should not ruin the rest of your life.” The Arizona Republic recently did an article on Craig entitled, Attorney Protects Rights: Lawyer against DUI’s, but for a fair process, highlighting him for his fight in defending his client’s rights, and making sure those right are not violated.

“I don’t advocate DUI, no one does,” Craig stated in the article. “Often, it’s making sure that a client isn’t getting a more severe sentence than he or she deserves due to human error.” This human error includes factors such as faulty equipment or faulty testing procedures.

Craig developed his passion for defending DUI cases when a few of his early clients got arrested on DUI charges. “I fell in love with [DUI defense]…I became obsessed with providing the best representation,” Rosenstein stated in the article. Craig is so passionate about his field that earlier in 2013, he earned his National College for DUI Defense certification. Currently, he is the only attorney in Maricopa County with this certification.

Perhaps the most important recognition Craig receives on his work, however, is recognition from his clients. In the article it talked about one of Craig’s previous client relationship, where the client was arrested on New Year’s Eve on DUI charges. This client stated that, “After meeting with other attorneys, he felt most comfortable with Rosenstein,” the client also went onto say, “[Rosenstein] was very aggressive and… really paid attention to my case.”

This article and the testimonies in it only further justify Craig Rosenstein and the Rosenstein Law Group as a practice you can trust, and an attorney who will work harder than anyone else to provide you with top notch representation.

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