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Holiday DUI tally around Arizona: 1,000 arrested, more coming

Posted on December 18, 2013 in DUI Charges

As you’re driving around Scottsdale and nearby cities this coming holiday weekend, you might notice stepped-up police patrol activity. That’s because around Arizona, law enforcement task forces are looking for drivers to arrest for DUI.

The Phoenix New Times points out that the task forces kicked off operations late last month and will continue their work through the end of 2013. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recently released statistics on the effort so far, with nearly 1,000 drivers being arrested for driving under the influence as of last Friday.

Task forces have made more than 18,500 traffic stops around the state since Nov. 25.

Law enforcement officers determined that of that number, 498 were designated drivers and sober. But 971 of them were allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; 251 of them had “extreme” DUI charges filed against them and 103 were cited for aggravated DUI.

The nearly 3,000 officers who make up the task forces also hand out tickets for other infractions, including nearly 400 citations for seat-belt violations, nearly 300 criminal speeding tickets and two dozen “aggressive driving” tickets.

Nearly 5,200 other traffic citations were handed out as well.

Thus far in 2013, these drunk-driving enforcement efforts have resulted in more than 23,000 arrests for DUI.

All of those convicted face mandatory installation of ignition interlock devices, and depending on circumstances, some offenders will be looking at jail time and substantial fines, too.

An experienced attorney can examine the evidence and help protect a defendant’s rights, driving privileges and freedom.

Source: Phoenix New Times, “Arizona DUI Task Forces Have Arrested Nearly 1,000 People in the Last Two Weeks,” Dec. 12, 2013

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