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Truly scary: Halloween DUI arrests

Posted on October 22, 2013 in DUI Charges

The Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Scottsdale Police Department and other area law enforcement agencies will be out to enforce drunken driving laws on Halloween night.

The holiday isn’t just for kids, of course. Adults enjoy going to costume parties and having fun that night as well. Those planning to attend Halloween parties at a friend’s house or at a bar are encouraged to appoint a designated driver, call a cab or take other steps to avoid the real-life horrors that a DUI arrest can create.

There are no treats involved in being pulled over for drunken driving on Halloween night (or any other occasion).

A DUI arrest can result in problems at work or school, increased car insurance premiums, fines, loss of driving privileges and even jail time.

However, those who have been cited for drunken driving should not give up hope and on their own enter a guilty plea in court. They should instead sit down with an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows not only the law, but knows, too, how to mount a successful DUI defense.

Someone facing their first DUI/DWI charge is understandably bewildered by their legal options and the array of potential penalties. And someone who is facing the charge after a previous conviction knows that the consequences for a subsequent conviction can be severe.

Sitting down with an experienced legal professional can help make not only the potential penalties understandable, but more important, the potential defenses and the ways to lessen the impact of the charges on a defendant’s family, job and driver’s license.

Source: NHTSA, “Impaired Driving,” Oct. 2013

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