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If you were arrested in Pima County for driving under the influence, let the Board-Certified DUI Law Specialists at the Rosenstein Law Group help you. Our firm is the only one in northern Arizona with both DUI and Criminal Law specialists, and our expertise may save you from the consequences of a DUI conviction. Contact Rosenstein Law Group today at (480) 248-7666 for your free Pima County DUI case evaluation.

Pima County Superior Court

The Pima County Superior Court hears criminal misdemeanor and criminal traffic cases filed by the County Attorney or a law enforcement agency. The cases most often heard are DUIs, possession of marijuana, assault, theft, and driving on a suspended license.

DUI in Pima County

Arizona defines driving under the influence as having a blood alcohol content [BAC] of 0.08 or under the influence of drugs – legal or illegal. Arizona prosecutes DUIs aggressively, and conviction of even a first offense will get you at least ten days in jail and a fine of at least $1,250. You will also have to participate in alcohol screening/treatment/education, equip your vehicle(s) with a certified ignition lock, and perform community service. Remember, this is the first offense. For a second or subsequent offense, the jail time goes up to a minimum of 90 days, the fine will be not less than $3,000, and you lose your license for 12 months. You’re still in screening/treatment mode, have to use a lock, and do community service.

You can also be charged with and convicted of extreme DUI (BAC of 0.15 or higher) or aggravated DUI (third offense in 7 years, minor in car, using breath lock, suspended license).

Impact of a DUI on Professional Licenses

If you have a professional license in Arizona, a DUI conviction can ruin your career. Since 2019, Arizona made it relatively easy for out-of-state professionals to relocate to Arizona without re-testing and re-qualifying. However, these professionals and Arizona qualified pros must report DUIs to their licensing authorities in as few as ten days after the arrest. Once reported, they may be suspended and put on probationary status in their profession. A felony DUI can result in the loss of a professional license.

Military personnel can be dishonorably discharged for a DUI, and it can prevent enlistment. You can’t apply to be a police professional in Arizona for five years after a DUI conviction. CDL drivers face a minimum of a one-year license suspension, even if they weren’t working.

Other licensed professionals subject to sanctions against those licenses for a DUI conviction include real estate agents, licensed securities professionals, appraisers, accountants, attorneys, engineers, schoolteachers, and contractors.

Where and How Will Your Case Be Handled

Your case will be processed in the Pima Country Superior Consolidated Justice Court at 240 North Stone Avenue, Tucson.

Pima County Superior Court Process

In court, you will go through:

  • Initial Appearance (IA): If you are taken into custody, your initial appearance occurs within 24 hours of your arrest. The court will read the charges against you and inform you of your right to a defense and an attorney. You will plead guilty or not guilty, or no contest. If you don’t appear, the court may issue an arrest warrant.
  • Bond Set: Any conditions for your release, such as bond setting, happen at this appearance.
  • Status Conference: At a status prehearing, the presiding judge will meet the defense and prosecuting attorneys. This session also allows both legal teams to obtain some documents and possible plea negotiations. The case will usually be continued in another status conference 30 days later. Under most circumstances, a neutral third party determines whether the case should proceed based on probable cause.
  • Grand Jury: The state of Arizona can choose to use a grand jury indictment process. The grand jury will determine whether there is probable cause to proceed to trial.
  • Case “Scratched”: The state may delay or dismiss the case; if the case is “scratched,” it is not dismissed. Instead, something essential to the case is not yet in, and the case will likely be filed within the next seven years.
  • Arraignment is the hearing at which you enter a plea for the charges against you. If you plead not guilty, the next hearing is scheduled. A sentencing hearing is scheduled within 30 days if you plead guilty or no contest.
  • Trial (bench or jury) or Plea: There are three ways you can plead to a charge in Arizona – guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If you plead “not guilty,” the burden is on the state to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; you do not have to testify. The state must prove that you met all the elements of a DUI offense, and the jurors must come to a unanimous verdict of “guilty.”
  • Sentencing: Unless found “not guilty,” you will be sentenced and may file an appeal. A pre-sentencing report is prepared by County probation department. Arizona follows the Criminal Code Sentencing Provisions, giving judges a time range within which to sentence.

What Should You Do?

If you get a DUI in Pima County, you should immediately contact an attorney specializing in defending these cases. Your DUI specialist will understand the ins and outs of your case. A specialist is comfortable with the science and the highly technical language and arguments used by prosecutors against DUI defendants. Skilled at analyzing the testimony of experts, our specialists can find the flaws. With a DUI charge and its potential impact on your professional and personal life, you need an attorney who understands the documents and procedures in DUI cases and can find the favorable facts in your case.

Can the police prove that you were driving? Could your blood alcohol content test have a flaw? Was there probable cause for your stop and arrest? These questions are second nature to the Board-Certified DUI specialists at the Rosenstein Law Group and can help defend your case. Call (480) 248-7666 today to schedule your free consultation.

Defenses We Can Offer

Arizona law includes several potential defenses to a DUI charge. The Pima County and Scottsdale DUI Law specialists at the Rosenstein Law Group can help you argue those defenses that best fit your charge. Among these defenses are:

  • The arresting officer didn’t have probable cause to stop you.
  • The officer failed to read you your Miranda rights
  • The officer made mistakes in the field sobriety test, or you have medical or physical issues that may have adversely affected the test.
  • The breath test result is problematic because of the possible inaccuracy of the breathalyzer calibration.
  • The blood draw result is faulty based on how the blood was stored or contaminated.
  • Since each criminal case is controlled by its own set of facts, there may be other defenses available to you that our experts will pursue.

Contact Pima County’s DUI and Criminal Law Specialist Attorneys Today

If you or a loved one face a criminal DUI charge, don’t wait to contact the Rosenstein Law Group’s DUI and Criminal Law Specialists today. Let us work with you to defend your case in Pima County aggressively. Contact our firm online here or by calling (480) 248-7666.


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