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Preventing a Repeat DUI: What You Can Do

Posted on October 4, 2023 in DUI

Statistically, it is relatively common for people who are convicted once of driving under the influence (DUI) to get arrested for a second or subsequent DUI in the future. Repeat DUI offenders are subject to harsher penalties and consequences, such as longer jail sentences and license revocation. Use the following tips to reduce your chances of becoming a repeat DUI offender.

Arrange a Sober Ride Home

Never put yourself in a position to have to drive somewhere after partaking in drug or alcohol use. If you plan on imbibing, don’t plan on driving. Arrange a safe and sober ride home, such as a designated driver in your friend group or an Uber or Lyft. Alternatively, if you are at a friend or family member’s house for a party, ask if you can spend the night and drive home in the morning once you are sober. 

Remember, you can get a DUI in Tempe with any discernible amount of alcohol in your system – even if the amount is below the legal limit of 0.08 percent – if the officer believes you are too impaired to drive. It is also not a good idea to try to “sleep it off” in your vehicle, as Arizona law defines DUI as impairment while “being in actual physical control of a vehicle.” If you drink at all, don’t risk getting behind the wheel.

Follow Through With a Treatment Program

 Many first-time DUI offenders in Arizona are eligible for alternative sentencing options, such as alcohol or drug treatment and counseling programs. An alternative sentence means the courts allow an offender to carry out another sentence in exchange for jail or prison time. Alternative sentences aim to reform the offender and prevent repeat violations.

 If you are required to attend a drug or alcohol treatment program as part of your initial DUI sentence, use this as an opportunity to carry on with the program even after the requirement period has ended. Keeping up with an individualized treatment program or support group for substance abuse could allow you to overcome a drug or alcohol dependency and avoid driving under the influence in the future.

Identify and Treat the Underlying Issue

Many drunk drivers have an underlying problem with alcoholism or substance abuse. If you have formed a dependency on drugs or alcohol, work with professionals – such as a psychiatrist – to identify the underlying mental health problem. It may be something you can work on with a therapist to develop healthy coping mechanisms that do not include drugs or alcohol. Treating the underlying issue can help you avoid another DUI.

Don’t Keep Alcohol at Home

Having alcohol at home could lead to you running out and being tempted to drive to a store while drunk for more. It could also encourage you to drink more than you normally would, which may lead to drunkenness and bad decision-making. For these reasons, make it a policy not to keep alcohol at home. Keeping alcohol out of your house could limit or eliminate your intake. If you have to drink, go out for drinks and call a taxi or rideshare to take you there and back.

Keep an Ignition Interlock Device on Your Vehicle

If you cannot trust yourself not to relapse or drive under the influence, consider keeping an ignition interlock device that the courts made you use after your first DUI conviction for longer than is required. Although you will have to continue paying the monthly fee for the device, it could save you thousands of dollars by helping you avoid a second or subsequent DUI. The device will not permit your vehicle to start until you blow a 0.00 percent blood alcohol concentration into the breathalyzer.

For more advice about avoiding a DUI in Arizona, contact an attorney at Rosenstein Law Group during a free consultation.

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