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Arizona county’s DUI enforcement results in 129 arrests

Posted on October 2, 2018 in DUI Arrest

When you drive south from the Valley of the Sun to Tucson, you’ll spend much of that trip going through Pinal County. The county is like a neutral nation – Arizona’s version of Switzerland – between our state’s friendly rival major cities, Phoenix and Tucson.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office DUI task force recently held a brief DUI enforcement activity, spanning two days. County law officers made 129 drunk driving arrests on Saturday and Sunday.Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb said, “We are going to be tough on anyone who drinks or does drugs and decides to get behind the wheel.”

Deputies arrested three drivers on suspicion of aggravated DUI. The state government says on its website that the aggravated DUI category applies to those who commit a DUI while driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license. It also applies to those who commit a third DUI within a 7-year period or who drives while intoxicated with a person underage 15 in the vehicle. The state also says aggravated DUI also involves those drivers required to have an ignition interlock system in their vehicle, but commit a DUI or refuse to submit to a BAC (blood alcohol content) test.

Pinal County deputies made an additional 16 misdemeanor DUI arrests and 17 DUI-drug busts, the sheriff’s office stated.

All of those arrested now face the possibility of conviction and sentencing under Arizona’s harsh drunk driving and drugged driving laws. If you are in similar circumstances, speak with an attorney experienced in DUI defense before you talk to a prosecutor.

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