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When you are charged with super extreme DUI

Posted on February 2, 2017 in Drunk Driving Charges


The State of Arizona is serious about drunk driving. It is by far the most harsh state when it comes to sentencing if someone is convicted of a DUI. Its DUI laws cover every type and degree of offense. There is one set of penalties for first offense DUI’s, another set for aggravated/ felony DUI, and yet another level for people charged with multiple DUI offenses.

Some DUI crimes are defined by how much you have been drinking. The first is extreme DUI, for people with blood alcohol levels nearly twice as high as the 0.08 percent threshold for drunk driving – a.015 percent or higher BAC.

Then there is super extreme DUI. This charge is reserved for individuals whose BAC tests at 0.20 or higher. The mandatory penalty’s for a super extreme are intense even if no one was injured by the driver … even if no damage to any vehicle or other object occurred.

If you are found guilty

If you are found guilty of super extreme DUI, you face a minimum of 45 days in jail. The judge may think you are basically a good person and will never do this again, but he has no alternative under the law. There are motions and petitions that can be filed on someone’s behalf that can significantly reduce the sentence, but they if they aren’t filed, then the Court will have no option but to sentence someone to the mandatory minimum 45 days in jail.

Obviously, if you are charged with super extreme DUI, it is an unpleasant situation that has some potentially negative circumstances.

How do you fight the charges?

The best defense is a conventional one, examining the evidence against you and the way the search was carried out. You need a lawyer with a solid grasp of relevant precedents in Arizona case law. You need a lawyer with extensive experience rescuing individuals like yourself from this serious charge.

In essence, the only way to get the best result is to prepare your case for trial. The goal of which is not having to go to trial. Pleading mercy no longer works.

At Rosenstein Law Group, we have extensive knowledge of the rules of evidence and legal process in Arizona regarding DUIs. This knowledge, plus the vigor with which we pursue even the most difficult cases, are your best bet when you are facing these kinds of potential consequences.

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