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Refusing a breath test could cost you your license

Posted on September 18, 2015 in Breath Test Refusal

For many residents of Arizona, their car is essential. Everyday trips suddenly become far more time-consuming without the use of a private vehicle, and the cost of using public transport can soon mount up. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to lose your driver’s license and often expensive and difficult to regain it.

As most people are aware, drunk driving offenses can often lead to the loss of your license if you are convicted. However, something not everyone realizes is that even if you are not guilty of the offense in question, your license could still be suspended. For example, if you refuse a breath or blood test or even a field sobriety test, it is possible that youmay lose your right to drive.

This is because by holding a driver’s license you become subject to what are known as “implied consent” laws. These assume that you will submit to such tests when reasonably required to do so. Refusal is considered to be a breach of the terms of the license, hence its revocation as a result. Even so, there are times when this may bepreferable to the consequences of allowing the tests to be carried out.

The loss of your license can be extremely inconvenient, and you may be wondering what you can do to appeal the decision. Our page on DUI offenses may have some of the answers you need. Meanwhile, an attorney could prove to be a valuable ally as you work to regain your license or prepare your defenseif you are faced with criminal charges. With this guidance, you may be able to challenge the suspension of your license, or at least secure a restricted license that allows you to make essential trips.

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