Every year in Arizona, accidents on the roads result in lengthy investigations and even criminal charges for those involved. If the consumption of alcohol is thought to have contributed to the incident, there may be accusations of drunk driving and the potential for heavy penalties if convicted. In order to cut down on such incidents, many states have DUI checkpoints at which drivers are expected to stop to be checked out. Ignoring such checkpoints can often have serious consequences.

In Phoenix, a 25-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly failing to stop at a DUI checkpoint. According to reports, the vehicle eventually crashed, following a police chase from the checkpoint. The man was taken into custody and is believed to have been driving under the influence of marijuana as well as alcohol. It has also been reported that his license was already suspended at the time of the incident.

Among the charges against him are multiple felonies, including felony flight and an aggravated DUI charge, as well as charges relating to drug paraphernalia. He has also been charged with child endangerment as there was a 1-year-old in the vehicle. She and the driver were checked for injuries at a hospital but were not found to be injured. The little girl has since been returned to her mother.

If you are facing charges relating to drunk driving, or you are concerned about an ongoing DUI investigation, you might benefit from the advice and support of an attorney. He or she can explain the potential consequences of the charges against you and may be able to assist you with your defense. With this guidance, you can prepare for your trial and work toward securing a lighter sentence or perhaps avoiding conviction altogether.

Source: KPHO, “Driver with infant ignores DUI checkpoint, police chase ensues,” Phil Benson, Aug. 30, 2015