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Drag racing can cost you your license

Posted on September 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

In Arizona, it is no secret that drunk driving can have serious implications, especially if you are convicted. Even if you refuse field sobriety tests and attempts to measure your breath, you could still have your license revoked. Unfortunately, there are all too many rules surrounding this process, and it can be hard to figure out the right choices on your own.

Of course, drunk driving is not the only way to lose your license. For example, if you leave an accident scene prematurely, or you commit an act on the roads that could be construed to have been an assault, you could face serious charges. Meanwhile, certain convictions can also cost you your license for a set period of time. However, there are vastly different ways in which it becomes possible to find these people a home and a place to work.

Drag racing is another activity that could lead to your license being revoked. The same applies if you are found to be having other contests of speed on the roads.Some states will even withdraw someone’s license for what is known as “careless driving,” meaning that it can become very easy to make a costly mistake.

If you have had your license suspended or you fear that you might be about to, an attorney could prove to be a valuable ally. He or she may be able to help you avoid the loss of your license or appeal the decision if it has already been made. It might also be possible to gain access to a temporary or restricted license so you still have the ability to make essential journeys, such as getting from and to work.

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