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Can child support delinquency cost you your license?

Posted on August 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Holding a driver’s license is important to a lot of people as it greatly facilitates getting about, no matter where in the United States you live. However, as most drivers in Arizona know, there are several ways in which you can lose your driving privileges and have your license suspended or revoked. This can greatly inhibit your day-to-day activities and could even cost you your job if driving is essential to your work.

Often, license suspensions result from driving offenses, such as altering your license plates, driving drunk or speeding. You could also have your license revoked if you are found to have been driving recklessly or without due care, or if you are alleged to have assaulted another road user.

As this article on driving offenses explains, it is even possible to have your license suspended for reasons unrelated to driving, such as failing to keep up with your child support obligations. The precise rules surrounding suspension vary from state to state, so it is not always possible to predict the outcome of any individual case. However, you may be able to clear your name of the offense you have been connected with, and this in turn might enable you to retain your license.

If your license has been suspended or you are concerned that it might be in the future, an attorney could be an invaluable ally. He or she can explain your options to you and may be able to assist you in appealing the decision. Even if you are unable to regain your full license, you may at least be granted the right to make essential journeys, such as trips to work or court dates.

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