In Arizona, many drivers have been stopped at one time or another on suspicion of drunk driving. It is important to know your limits, yet even if you feel safe to drive, if your blood alcohol concentration is at or above 0.08 percent, you could be charged with drunk driving. During the investigation, you may also be asked to submit to various examinations, including field sobriety tests, which are designed to determine whether your movement, reactions or vision have been impaired.

In Gilbert, a former NFL quarterback was arrested in June of this year on suspicion of drunk driving. According to reports, his vehicle collided with a car belonging to the wife of a police officer. He is said to have failed two field sobriety tests, and it has been alleged that his speech was slurred, his eyes bloodshot and that alcohol could be detected on his breath.

However, the former quarterback explained that he was on cough medicine and that he was suffering from a cold at the time. Nevertheless, he was charged for the collision and also faces charges relating to drunk driving and having a blood alcohol content that was above the legal limit.

If you have been accused of drunk driving or you are worried about the consequences of failing a field sobriety test, an attorney could be an invaluable ally and may be able to provide the advice and support you need. He or she can explain the charges you face and might be able to assist you with your defense. With this guidance, you can make sure the court hears your side of the story and work toward a fair and favorable resolution to your case.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, “‘I’ve Been Through This Before:’ Details of ex-Eagle McNabb’s 2nd DUI Arrest,” Dan Stamm, July 14, 2015