Many people in Arizona rely on being able to drive in order to maintain their livelihood. In fact, for some people it is not simply a matter of being able to get to and from work efficiently. In many cases their job itself requires driving. As such, an incident that results in the revocation or suspension of their driver’s license can be devastating as it can completely remove their source of income.

One of the common ways this can happen is involvement in a DUI accident, or other drink driving offense. Even refusing a chemical test is enough to warrant a suspension, even if the investigation does not result in a DUI conviction. To make things worse, the incident leaves a mark on your record that could hinder your chances of acquiring future driving jobs.

As if that was not enough, as this article on driving offenses explains, anyone who holds a commercial license may be subject to harsher penalties. For example, if you are convicted of a DUI that took place in a commercial vehicle, this can result in a longer license suspension than you would have received for a traditional DUI. Also, your employer is not allowed to hire you as a driver until your license is reinstated.

Charges of this nature can be difficult to deal with and can cause a lot of stress and strain in your life. A good defense is critical if you want to resolve the matter as quickly as possible with minimal damage to yourself and your livelihood. Fortunately, an attorney may be able to assist you with this and help you reach a fair and favorable resolution to your trial.