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Can your medical condition affect your sobriety test?

Posted on March 6, 2015 in Field Sobriety Tests

If you have ever been stopped on suspicion of drunk driving in Arizona, you may already be familiar with the range of tests that are often required. There is a good chance that the officers present may ask you to perform a breath test. They are also likely to request that you participate in a number of field sobriety tests. Unfortunately, the results of these tests are not always as reliable as you might hope.

What happens if your erratic driving was due to a seizure, or other sudden complication. You may have just gone through a stressful and traumatic experience only to be confronted by police officers and the possibility of criminal charges. Meanwhile, the aftereffects of the incident may leave you unsteady on your feet and struggling to respond.

Unfortunately, this sort of behavior can make you appear drunk. Worse still, if you have never previously experienced the seizure, migraine or whatever else affected your driving before, you may be unsure what happened and struggle to explain it to officers.

There are multiple elements to these tests and even if you struggle with some of them, you may still be able to show that you are not intoxicated. A blood draw or breath test may even be able to offer supporting evidence of your claim.

Whatever the case, you might benefit from the advice of an attorney. He or she can evaluate the circumstances of your arrest and help you to understand the charges against you. Your attorney might also be able to advise you on your defense and support you as you work to avoid conviction.

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