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Arizona man encourages officer to arrest him

Posted on January 26, 2015 in Drunk Driving Charges

Being investigated for drunk driving is never a pleasant experience, regardless of whether you are guilty of the alleged offense or not. You may need to undergo several tests to determine your sobriety and blood alcohol concentration. However, even if you are sober, these tests can be daunting and your nervousness canthrow you off, making you appear less competent than you are at the time.

However, in some cases there is simply nothing you can do, particularly if you know that you are significantly over the limit. In certain circumstances, cooperation can work in your favor, getting things over and done with quickly without making things difficult for the arresting officers. This is not always the best option, but sometimes it is the easiestway to get the situation over and done with.

One man in Arizona took cooperation to the next level after freely admitting to officers that he was a drunk driver. After struggling with sobriety tests, he allegedly exclaimed that he had driven drunk, calling himself an idiot and telling the officer to arrest him. At the station he requested a blood draw in place of a breath test, passing out shortlyafterward.

The driver, who was also found to be below the legal drinking age, has been booked for being under the influence. However, if he is fortunate, his acknowledgement of his mistake might count in his favor. Of course, every case is different and it can often be helpful to hear the advice of an attorney before making any decisions on how to react when underinvestigation for drunk driving.

Source: The Daily Wildcat, “Police Beat: January 20, 2015,” Adriana Espinosa, Jan. 20, 2015

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