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Arizona driver arrested for DUI after car chase

Posted on July 17, 2014 in DUI Charges

If you are spotted or reported driving irresponsibly, there is a chance that you will be pulled over and investigated for drunk driving. Although this may be an alarming prospect, cooperation can be beneficial in the long run. Even so, in most cases you are not obliged to submit to a breath test or field sobriety tests if you are worried they may falselyincriminate you. However, refusing these tests can result in the revocation of your license.

In Arizona, a Safford man allegedly tried drastically to avoid a drunk driving test or arrest by leading the police on a high-speed chase. The 21-year-old man was shown on an officer’s radar to be traveling at 52 mph despite being in a 35 mph zone. When officers attempted to pull him over, thedriver is alleged to have increased his speed to 75 mph.

In his drive, it is believed that he crashed into a curb. Officers apprehended him then, hearing from one of his passengers that he had been drinking beer. The driver himself is also reported to have admitted to inebriation at the time of the chase. A sample of his blood was sent for testing.

If he is found to have been intoxicated, this driver could face serious penalties. He is fortunate, at least that no one was seriously hurt during the accident as this could have exacerbated the charges against him. Simply having fled from officers may also count against him.

In the case of a DUI charge, you may find the advice of an attorney to be particularly helpful. He or she can advise you on whether your arrest was carried out correctly and whether you are able to challenge the charges against you. He or she may also be able to help you decide how to plead and work toward the best possible outcome based on yourcircumstances.

Source: Eastern Arizona Courier, “DUI suspect crashes car during chase,” Jon Johnson, July 12, 2014

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