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Highly Accredited Attorney shares his Legal and Entrepreneurial tips with Law Students

Posted on April 2, 2014 in Rosenstein Law Group News

Last week attorney Craig Rosenstein shared his legal knowledge with a group of students in a Law Office and Client Management class, taught by fellow attorney, Alexander Y. Benikov, at Arizona Summit Law School. He combined his legalbackground with his entrepreneurial skills and spoke on how to start, run, and grow one’s own law firm, just as he did with his business, the Rosenstein Law Group.

Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona Summit Law School (ASLS) is a student-focused education environment that meets the needs of students with a passion to succeed. ASLS believes that when their students enter the workforce as lawyers, they need to be professionally prepared for law in a variety of diverse industries. This is why ASLS strives toprovide their students with real-world opportunities that will guide them to be valuable assets to their future firms.

Craig J. Rosenstein has built up his reputation and case work to be extremely respected in the legal society. From starting out as a clerk for one of the Arizona State Legislators, to becoming a partner of a law firm, and starting his own firm, Craig has now idealized both lawyer and entrepreneur as he has firmly stationed himself and his practice as thepremier DUI Defense firm.

During his lecture at ASLS, Craig talked about how he started his law firm and how he managed client’s individualized needs. He also explained his business structure, which includes a unique arrangement of two attorneys to every one client. He then talked about the difficulties and benefits of expanding to a dominant position within the field ofpractice. What created a positive response for Craig amongst the students is that he spoke from personal experience, so when he interacted with them via questions, he was able to give them detailed and honest answers.

The Rosenstein Law Group is the premier DUI and Criminal Defense firm in Arizona and not only provides excellent representation, but works to educate their clients about their rights. Whether it is your first, second, or third offense, the Rosenstein Law Group examines each specific case in order to come up with a defense that will create the best possible outcome for each case.

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