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Welcoming a New Attorney at Rosenstein Law Group

Posted on February 4, 2014 in Rosenstein Law Group News

On behalf of the Rosenstein Law Group we would like to welcome our newest attorney, Jefferson Simmons, to our DUI defense team. Jefferson received his undergraduate degree, with honors, in Political Science from Westminster College in May of 2003. After his undergraduate degreehe decided to pursue a law degree, at Syracuse University College of Law. While in school, Jefferson spent his summers at the prestigious law firm, Metz Lewis LLC, in Pittsburg, as a summer intern where he researched and wrote memorandum for law on a variety of topics and was involved in all aspects of pretrial litigation. Jefferson earned his JurisDoctorate degree in May of 2006.

Jefferson’s career excelled rapidly after graduation when he accepted a position as a Deputy County Attorney with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO) and moved to Arizona. After being admitted to the Arizona State Bar, he progressed quickly through the ranks at MCAO working as a misdemeanor and felony prosecutor. Jefferson gained animmense amount of experience by working in multiple different bureaus while at MCAO. In his early years, he prosecuted all types of crimes in the Juvenile Bureau from DUI to car theft and burglary. Continuing to excel and grow at MCAO, Jefferson accumulated exceptional case results while maintaining a heavy work load. Moving up yet again to the CriminalTrial Division Bureau, Jefferson gained experience in prosecuting adult felonies that ranged from drug possession to aggravated assault.

Jefferson’s hard work and dedication received its well-deserved recognition when he moved to his final position as Deputy County Attorney at MCAO in the Major Crimes-Special Crimes Bureau. There he prosecuted home invasion and kidnapping cases with Phoenix Police’s Home Invasion and Kidnapping Enforcement Unit (HIKE). Jefferson has receivednumerous awards for his trial work over a four year period, and has represented hundreds of clients with charges ranging from DUI to aggravated assault, with an emphasis on DUI. He also received recognition from the Commander of the Robbery division for his skills as a litigator and work with Robbery Detectives.

Everyone here at the Rosenstein Law Group is very excited to welcome Jefferson Simmons, as he has proven himself to be an accomplished attorney, who is dedicated to providing superior representation to his clients. Welcome to the team!

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