Craig Rosenstein was welcomed into the American Society of Legal Advocates (ASLA) earlier this year as a Top 40 Criminal Defense Lawyer Under 40 in the state of Arizona. This award is given out to lawyers who have demonstrated leadership and success early in their careers, and who foster growth in the legal profession by upholding the highest standards of practice.

Craig Rosenstein definitely fits the bill of the type of lawyer who belongs in the ASLA. From being the founder of his practice, the Rosenstein Law Group, to his active membership in numerous professional associations, to being one of two attorneys in Maricopa County who is Board Certified by the National College of DUI Defense, he has proven to be a leader in the legal field.

The ASLA in an organization of the top lawyers in practice today, brought together to benefit both its members and the public. The ASLA is an invitation only, elite society that allows less than 1.5% of all licensed lawyers nationwide to become members. The entire selection process is done manually by lawyers to create an unbiased process for selecting candidates. The selection process starts with each candidate being assessed on criteria such as educational accomplishments, legal achievement, and involvement in professional organizations. The ASLA is similar to that of an elite university, where each member has different backgrounds and strengths. Each member has a base standard of remarkable legal credentials, but a wide range of differing hobbies and interests.