If you find yourself in need of a lawyer, remember that quality counts. This is why having a lawyer who is Board Certified could make all the difference. Here at the Rosenstein Law Group, our very own Craig Rosenstein is a Board Certified DUI Defense lawyer, and he is passing along his knowledge to all of our attorneys.

What does it mean to be a Board Certified DUI Defense lawyer? On behalf of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), which is an organization accredited by the American Bar Association to certify lawyers in DUI Defense, Craig and other certified attorneys have earned this status and possess an extraordinary knowledge in this specific area of law. These lawyers must demonstrate integrity and professionalism, which are qualities that can be far and few between in any profession.

To obtain Board Certification, lawyers must show the specificity in their field, which includes meeting certain practice requirements and passing extremely difficult written and verbal examinations. On the National College for DUI Defense website, it states the criteria for the exam specifically includes, “Knowledge in substantive and procedural law in this field, such as, scientific issues, the NHTSA guidelines on field sobriety test and dug recognition tests, as well as other legal and ethical issues applicable to the defense of drunken driving cases.” Upon passing the examination, lawyers become Board Certified by the NCDD for five years. After that five year period a lawyer can renew his or her certification provided they meet the standards for re-certification.

To create an understanding about how rigorous and difficult this process is, Craig Rosenstein is the only attorney in Maricopa County who is a Board Certified DUI Defense lawyer, and one of three in the state of Arizona.