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Posted on February 11, 2013 in DUI Arrest

Many people, both people from out of State and Phoenix and Scottsdale residents alike, had the opportunity to head to North Scottsdale and catch some great golf at the 2013 Waste Management Open. It is no secret that not only is the Open known for greatweather and great golf, but also for being a great party. Because of this, police officers view it as a perfect time to conduct one of their ever-present DUI task forces, to catch “impaired” drivers. If you drove at all down Scottsdale Road at any point during that week, you no doubt saw the numerous drivers lit up and pulled over by ScottsdalePolice Department. Most people do not know the rights that they do have and what tests they are required to perform, especially people who are visiting from out of town. Laws vary from state to state, and officers know that people are unaware of where the boundary isbetween lawful and illegal officer behavior.

If you were one of the unlucky few who was pulled over and arrested for DUI, you do have options. Even if you are not an Arizona resident, we can help you handle your case. Just like Phil Mickelson, we fight hard so that we come out on top. So, if you are returning home with more than recollections of a great time, call us, and we can put our expertise at theDefense of DUI/DWI to work for you. We may not be the best golfers in Scottsdale, but we sure are some of the best DUI and DWI defense attorneys in the metro Phoenix area.

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