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Arizona MVD Points and an Arizona DUI: How It Works

Posted on August 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

As many people know, any time you are stopped and cited for a traffic offense in Arizona, there likely comes with it points against your Arizona driver’s license. Different driving infractions in Arizona carry with them different amounts of points against your AZ driver’s license. For example, a civil speeding ticket in Arizona generally carries 3points with it.

The AZ MVD Points System

In Arizona, points are tracked by the AZ MVD on a 12 month rolling basis. This means that the amount of points you have in the last 12 months are added up, and if you accumulate 8 to 12 points during that 12 month period, you need to attend a class known as Traffic Survival School in order to keep your Arizona driver’s license. If you accumulate 13 ormore points during the 12 months, your driver’s license will be suspended by the Arizona MVD.

What About MVD Points for an Arizona DUI?

Now, if one is assessed points for a minor traffic violatonin Arizona, then one has to assume that he or she would also be assessed points by the AZ MVD for a DUI conviction- and this is correct. A DUI conviction in Arizona carries with it 8 points against your Arizona driver’s license. This is a high level of points. As you can see, a AZ DUI convictionalone will, at the very least, require the completion of Traffic Survival School, and may cause someone to have their license suspended by the Arizona MVD if they have enough points from other traffic infractions.

An experienced Arizona DUI defense attorney can advise a person on the AZ MVD consequences of a DUI (as there are more interactions between the two than just the assessment of points against one’s AZ driver’s license), and can help guide that person through the MVD process, in addition to the court process.

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