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Ignition Interlock Devices: A Consequence of an Arizona DUI

Posted on June 30, 2011 in General DUI Topics

Next to the mandatory jail time and the fines, probably the most significant consequence of a DUI conviction in Arizona is the requirement that you must equip your vehicle with an Ignition Interlock Device for a minimum of 12 months, regardless of the type of DUI conviction.

An ignition interlock is an electronic device that is installed under the dashboard and works similar to a car alarm. There are several companies throughout Arizona that install and maintain the ignition interlock device. The company must be authorized by the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. Having the ignition interlock device means that every time youstart your car, you must blow into the device that measures for alcohol content. If alcohol is detected, the car won’t start, and a violation will be reported to the interlock company who installed the device. Additionally, while driving, the device will periodically require you to blow into it to again check for alcohol content. If alcohol is detectedor if the driver refuses, it would also be considered a violation. These violations can result in additional fines from the interlock provider and potential additional penalties from the MVD. If someone is found guilty of certain ignitition interlock violations, theinterlock requirement may be extended for an additional year, or in certain cases, your license may be suspended, cancelled or revoked. In some instances, things such as mouthwash can cause the machine to report a fail. Additionally, you will have to bring the vehicle that contains the interlock device to the providing company, so they may perform routinemaintenance checks. There is also a monthly fee for the maintenance of the interlock device and some companies charge for installation and removal of the device.

As one can see, the entire ignition interlock process can be not only aggravating but extremely intrusive.

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