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Don’t Say a Word. It’s Your Right!

Posted on September 19, 2010 in DUI Arrest

The biggest mistake that Arizona drivers make after being pulled over by the police is thinking that they are going to smooth talk their way out of the situation. However, the Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution provides you with a valuable tool — the right to not say a word!

If you have had any alcoholic beverages and are pulled over while driving, you are likely your own worst enemy. Police officers looking for DUI arrests in Arizona are usually segmented away from patrol officers, and they usually drive around all night pulling people over for very minor traffic infractions (think an improper right turn or a broken licenseplate light). They want to take a look and speak with the driver. It is job of these officer’s to make DUI arrests. If they approach a vehicle and suspect any alcohol consumption on the part of the driver, then it is highly likely that they are going to arrest the driver for a DUI.

The interaction that these officers have with the driver will only be used against the driver at a DUI trial. As a result, don’t say a word. Don’t argue, or attempt to persuade the officer that you are innocent or not under the influence. The officers will obtain a sample of your breath, blood and/or urine, and they will let the crime lab figureout if you are guilty of a DUI.

The best thing that you can do if asked out of your vehicle is to simply ask to speak to your attorney. Put my number into your cell phone, and request a private moment to speak with your attorney. It can ultimately be the difference between a guilty and a not guilty verdict.

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