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If you are one of the over 20,000 Arizonans who were arrested for Driving Under the influence know you are not alone. Although common this is a serious charge that needs to be met head-on. The Rosenstein Law Group is here to help you navigate the complex legal system in the White Tank Justice Court. With over 100 years of experience, thousands of successful cases and multiple board licensed attorneys you can be confident that you are getting the best available counsel. For a free consultation call 480-248-7666 or visit their website. They have people standing by 24/7 in order to assist you.

About a DUI Case in White Tank Justice Court

Driving under the Influence or a DUI is regulated under Arizona statute 28-1381. It prohibits driving with any Blood Alcohol content (BAC) for persons under 21, a .04% for commercial drivers, and .08% for persons over 21. The first offense can result in a suspended license, 10 days in jail, and a fine. A second offense can be punished with a suspended license, months in jail and a several hundred dollar fine. Your third offense can lead to a minimum of 4 months in jail. For all offenses, an installation of an ignition breathalyzer may be required. If you find yourself with a DUI at the White Tank Justice Court let the attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group advocate for you.

White Tank Justice Court Information– Maricopa County

The White Tank Justice Court is located at 10420 West Van Buren, Suite 103, Avondale, Arizona. The court provides documents in both English and Spanish and has translation services available at the courthouse. The White Tank Justice Courts boundary is Bell Road to the North Litchfield Road to the East, Patterson Road to the south, and 355th Avenue to the west. If you were not arrested in this area the Lawyers at Rosenstein Law Group can potentially get your case dismissed. The White Tank Justice Court can be reached online or by phone at (602) 372-8003. They have forms in both English and Spanish as well as translation services available.

The White Tank Justice Court is presided over by the Honorable Heidi Williams. Judge Williams is a graduate of the University of Idaho and then Gonzaga University Law School. She was appointed in 2021 and is one of the newest judges in the county. Most of Judge Williams’s career has been with the Arizona Attorney Generals’ Office. Most recently she was the Unit Chief for the Criminal and Civil Litigation Advice Section. Judge Williams knows the law surrounding DUI very well. So, it is important to have a lawyer that does too.

White Tank Justice Court DUI Case – Next Steps

Generally speaking, every DUI case will go through the same basic steps. These include the initial appearance (IA), status conference, filing, arraignment, pretrial conferences, and if necessary, fight for you in court. The skilled attorneys at the Rosenstein Law Group will help guide you through this daunting process. It is important to know that after the initial appearance the District attorney has forty eight hours to officially bring charges. Otherwise, the case will be “Scratched.” This does not mean that you have beat the case. This just means that your case has been put on hold for up to two years. If you case has been scratched it is still important that you seek legal counsel.

Stages of a DUI Case Through White Tank Justice Court

Additional information about the five main stages of a DUI case in the White Tank Justice Court:

An Arraignment in a DUI or Criminal Case

This is the first formal court date in any criminal case. At this setting, the Court wants to know whether you want to plea guilty or not guilty, set your case to a trial, retain an attorney, and whether you understand your rights. The Court will also advise you of the maximum penalties you could face under the law as it related to the crime with which you were charged. Generally, our office is retained well before this court date, and we file paperwork to vacate this court date on your behalf.

Pre-Trial Conference in a DUI or Criminal Case

This is the next setting that follows after the arraignment. This is a pre-trial conference (“PTC”) where the state generally makes their first plea offer. An unrepresented individual may meet with the prosecutor who will advise that they are representing the state. If you retain our law firm, you are not required to attend this hearing as your lawyer can appear on your behalf. In the time between the arraignment and the pre-trial conference, our office requests all preliminary discovery including police reports, body cam footage, etc.

Case Management Conference in a DUI or Criminal Case

This is the setting that follows the pre-trial conference. At this setting, the Court wants to know the status of the case, including whether case interviews have been completed or whether blood results have been disclosed if applicable. The Court also inquires as to the status of discovery and whether there are any outstanding issues at the time. Again, if you retain our law firm you are not required to be present for this setting.

Trial Readiness Conference in a DUI or Criminal Case

This is the final setting before trial. At this stage, it must be determined whether the case will resolved via a change of plea or whether the case will proceed to trial. The vast majority of cases never proceed to trial and are resolved at this time. Depending upon the nature of your charges, you may be required to be present unless you receive notification otherwise from our firm.

DUI or Criminal Trial at White Tank Justice Court

This is the final main phase of the White Tank case process. At this stage, we will be entitled to cross examine the state’s witness and our team will present our case on your behalf. Depending upon the nature of the charges alleged against you, you may or not be entitled to a jury in your matter. You must be present at this hearing.

Contact our Skilled White Tank Justice Court DUI Defense Attorneys Today!

It is difficult to predict how long a DUI or criminal case will take in White Tank Justice Court, as the process varies dramatically depending upon the complexity of your case and the nature of the charges alleged against you. If everything works out perfectly, we can usually resolve your case favorably within four months. However, even if you retain our services immediately and everything goes smoothly throughout all the stages of the case, the complexity of your individual case could take considerably longer. For example, should the case go to a jury trial, the time frame can be extended for several months. Hiring an experienced White Tank Justice Court and Tempe DUI defense attorney is your best option. We prepare our clients for the long haul by prepping every case for a jury trial. Our attorneys work on fleshing out every issue to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your case, whether that is through a trial or not.

The Rosenstein Law Group has represented hundreds of individuals in the White Tank Justice Court, and we know the prosecutors and judges well. Please contact the Rosenstein Law Group if you have questions about your DUI case in the White Tank Justice Court call the Rosenstein Law Group at 480-248-7666. Or schedule a free consultation online.


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