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Craig was quoted in this article – What rights do you have over your own blood in Arizona? **This previously published article on Phoenix 12 News is no longer available.

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DUI defense attorney concerned about drinking among Cactus League fans

“ABC 15. 2/24/14 S.B. 1062: The Unintended Consequences – As concerns over Senate Bill 1062 are reaching their boiling point, many are speculating how the proposed legislation may impact Arizonans in unintended ways. Attorney Rosenstein appears on ABC 15 news to share his insight into how SB 1062 may possibly affect criminal cases by allowing defendants to claim religious freedom as a defense.”

“CBS 5. 2/24/14 S.B. 1062: Will Have Slew of Unintended Consequences – Attorney Craig Rosenstein discusses the potential impact of the proposed Senate Bill 1062. According to Mr. Rosenstein, the law is constructed vaguely and could possibly allow criminal defendants claim religious freedom as an affirmative defense. While SB1062 has sparked a nationwide debate about religious freedom and social tolerance, it may also have far-reaching, unintended consequences for residents of Arizona.”

“KPNX 12 News. 11/1/13. Faulty Blood Testing Machinery at Local Crime Lab. Blood testing at the city lab is being called into question after officials learned of the crime lab’s faulty machinery. Now, several felony DUI cases are under review with the presumption that the results may have been skewed. Craig Rosenstein played an integral role in calling out the discrepancies that have been found in the test results.”

“KTVK 3 News 11/15/13. Malfunctioning Blood Machine at Scottsdale’s Crime Lab Could Mean False Arrests. Attorney Craig Rosenstein discusses the thousands of DUI cases that resulted from faulty blood test machinery. Reports indicate that lab staff knew that the machinery was broken, yet continued to use it. The results were too many DUI cases that were based on compromised lab test results. Surprisingly, the Scottsdale police department and lab still stand behind the tests.”

“KPNX 12 News 11/13/13. Wearable Cameras are Being Adopted by Law Enforcement Officers in the Valley. Attorney Craig Rosenstein addresses the “wearable cameras” that are now being used by law enforcement officers in Arizona and across the country. As Mr. Rosenstein explains, the cameras act as an impartial, third-party witness that has been effective in reducing police violence and brutality.”

CBS 5 – 6/6/13 – BAC Blood Vials Under FDA Investigation – Craig Rosenstein, Arizona DUI attorney, discusses the ongoing FDA investigation against the blood vials that Arizona law enforcement agents use to store DUI blood samples. The FDA investigation against the blood vials states that the vials are only approved for glucose testing not forensic testing, such as blood samples used to test the BAC of a suspected DUI.

AZ Family (Channel 3) – 5/20/13 – Is ‘Driving Intoxicated’ More Dangerous Than ‘Driving Under the Influence?’ – With the federal proposal to lower the legal BAC limit to .05, it has a lot of people wondering if that limit is necessary and if you are “impaired” at a .05 BAC. Valley DUI attorney, Craig Rosenstein, of Rosenstein Law Group, discuses that texting and driving impairs a driver more than a .05 BAC level and compares the impairment of DUI’s and Driving while Intoxicated.

CBS 5 – 5/5/13 – Mesa Rules Medical Marijuana Cards Invalid in Trial – Craig Rosenstein, Arizona DUI attorney with the Rosenstein Law Group, discusses the city of Mesa’s ruling that a valid medical marijuana card can not be used in trial to defend a driver against a DUI conviction. Arizona has the toughest DUI laws in the country and a driver can be charged with a DUI if they are impaired by medical marijuana.

FOX 10 – 5/3/13 – Faulty DUI Blood Tests? – Craig Rosenstein discusses the issues that the Scottsdale crime lab is having with its blood testing machines that may be resulting in faulty BAC results. The blood testing machines’ issues may be due to a software glitch and convicting innocent Valley drivers of DUI’s.

ABC 15 – 4/24/13 – Drivers Wrongly Convicted for DUI’s? – Valley DUI attorney, Craig Rosenstein of the Rosenstein Law Group, discusses that many Valley residents convicted of DUI’s could be wrongfully convicted due to the inaccuracy of Scottsdale’s blood lab equipment.>

KTAR 92.3 FM – 4/24/13 – The Reliability of Scottsdale’s Blood Lab Called into Question – Craig Rosenstein, Scottsdale DUI defense attorney, discusses the case that is being presented to a judge that could rule Scottsdale’s blood testing machines so flawed that the BAC test results shouldn’t be used in trial to convict a DUI.

AZ Family KTVK 3 – 4/24/13 – Are DUI’s Being Wrongly Convicted in Scottsdale? – DUI attorney, Craig Rosenstein of the Rosenstein Law Group, discusses that the machines at the Scottsdale crime lab have faulty software, resulting in unreliable BAC blood test results. The unreliable results could be wrongfully convicting many DUI suspects.

Arizona Republic – 4/6/13 – Scottsdale DUIs in Question Over Lab Methods – Craig Rosenstein of Scottsdale’s Rosenstein Law Group, a firm specializing in DUI cases, shares concerns and details about the case against the Scottsdale Police Department’s blood testing equipment.

CBS 5 News – 3/29/13 – More People Admit to Driving While “Intoxicated” – Valley DUI attorney Craig Rosenstein discusses the consequences for texting and driving in Maricopa County. ( KPHO).

NBC 12 News – More people are turning to DUI attorneys like Craig Rosenstein of Rosenstein Law Group, petitioning for a set aside around Maricopa County to try and get a past crime, such as a DUI, “set aside” from their record in order to find jobs. ( AZ Central.)

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