Kyrene Justice Court – Other Crimes

Although DUI’s may be the most common crime seen in the Kyrene Justice Court’s criminal docket, they are not the only ones charged. The Kyrene Justice Court has jurisdiction to hear any misdemeanor offense committed in its precinct, and so you can be charged with a variety of different crimes in the Kyrene Justice Court, including:

  • Assault
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Harassment
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft
  • Minor in Possession or MIP
  • Interfering with Judicial Proceedings or Violation of Protective Order

These offenses have widely varying punishment, elements, and possible defenses. If you are charged with a non-DUI misdemeanor in the Kyrene Justice Court, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney review your case and find the best possible defenses and options for you. Each of these potential charges carries with it its own risks and a skilled attorney can help you achieve the best possible outcome. The Rosenstein Law Group offers free consultations for all misdemeanors charged in the Kyrene Justice Court. Call today at 480-248-7666 or contact us online to schedule your consultation today so we can begin working toward your best possible result.


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