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Will a DUI impact your commercial driver’s license?

Posted on July 6, 2020 in Uncategorized

Many Arizona workers rely on their commercial driver’s license (CDL) to support themselves and their families. The trucking industry in Arizona employs more than 100,000 employees. Construction workers oftenneed to apply for a CDL to haul equipment or to operate heavy machinery as a part of their daily work. Bus, shuttle and limo drivers need a CDL to show that they can operate these large passenger vehicles.

With your income and career at stake, it is important to know how a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction could impact the license that you rely on.

Arizona has some of the most severe DUI laws in the country.

Arizona law has much stricter guidelines for CDL drivers than others on the road. While the threshold for most drivers to be charged with a DUI is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08, drivers operating a commercial vehicle could be charged with a DUI with a BACof only 0.04.  DUI convictions for those operating a commercial vehicle often result in more serious fines and penalties.

DUIs could result in CDL application rejection or license suspension.

In addition to fines, jail time, required counseling and other penalties, a DUI could have a long-term impact on your licensure.

If you have not yet applied for a CDL, a DUI conviction could limit your options. The application will probably require you to disclose a prior DUI even if this DUI occurred in another state. If you apply for a CDL while your regular license is suspended, your application will be rejected. Even after you have completed the court-ordered license suspension,though, your application may be rejected.

Drivers with an existing CDL also face serious consequences. If convicted of a DUI, drivers face a one-year suspension of their CDL even if they were driving their personal vehicle at the time. Further offenses can result in lifetime CDL suspension.

Fight back against DUI charges and protect your future.

DUI charges for any driver can pose a threat to their freedom, but for a CDL driver they can have a lifelong impact on your career. Because of the seriousness of these charges, drivers should speak to an experienced DUI defense attorney to build a case that protects their freedom and their future.

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