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Just say “no” to these actions at DUI checkpoints in Arizona

Posted on July 2, 2018 in Field Sobriety Tests

The first time you do something is very often memorable. The first kiss, the first time you drove a car, the first paycheck, first apartment on your own, and so on. The first time you encounter a sobriety checkpoint is probably not high on the list of memorable firsts, however.

So what should you the first time you see the flashing police lights ahead that signal an upcoming Arizona DUI checkpoint?

Let’s back up for just a moment. If you are headed out and are concerned about possible drunk driving checkpoints during the evening, look online to see if there is information about where and when the checkpoints will be conducted. In many cases, law enforcement agencies will let the public know of upcoming checkpoints – especially ahead of holidays such as the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve – to try to discourage impaired motoring.

•· As you approach the checkpoint, be sure to drive cautiously and steadily. Do not make erratic swerves, stops and starts with your vehicle. Those behaviors can give police officers reason to pull you over.

•· Don’t be clever or argumentative with the officers. If you give an officer grief during the checkpoint, it’s possible that you will be arrested for obstruction of justice.

•· Don’t have empty or full alcohol containers in your vehicle. Even if the container is sealed and perfectly legal, its presence might indicate to an officer that you should be questioned or given a field sobriety test.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, discuss police procedures, evidence and other circumstances with an attorney experienced in DUI defense. A skilled lawyer will protect your rights, driver’s license and freedom at every step of the process.

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