When you are found to be over the legal limit while driving, you already know the consequences could be severe. Throughout Arizona, countless drivers face serious penalties every year in relation to DUI charges. Unfortunately, you only need to be caught once for your entire life to be turned upside down. Suddenly, you are being subjected to a potentially lengthy criminal investigation, with the threat of conviction hanging over you.

If found guilty of the charges against you, the penalties could include the suspension of your driver’s license or the installation of an ignition interlock device into your vehicle. On top of this, there is the possibility of fines and even a prison sentence. As if this were not enough, the mark on your criminal record can also have a negative impact on your future, diminishing your employment prospects and even driving up your insurance costs.

As this article on drunk driving mentions, previous conviction can mean you are handed an elevated sentence if found guilty again. Other factors that can exacerbate the penalties you face include having minors in your car or being within a school zone when the arrest occurs. A particularly high BAC or excessive speed can also contribute to the final decision on your sentence.

However major or minor the charges against you might be, an attorney could prove to be a valuable ally as you prepare for your trial. He or she can weigh up the evidence against you and may be able to help you as you form your defense and work to reduce the charges against you. With the right guidance, it may even be possible to avoid conviction completely.